Friday, January 13, 2006


Japanese Book Cover Sweater

OOooooohh Ahhhh... Just had to share this.
This japanese blogger has finished the pattern book cover sweater.

A beauty. (Front and Back pics) (Close up of center stitch pattern)



CIT Swatch Yarns B1 & B2

I set aside my first swatch for a couple of days and revisited it today. Doing that and checking the feedback. (Most advised to choose another yarn that's less busy and with less halo). I'm facing the fact and shall find a more suitable project for that beautiful yarn.

I've stash dived and came up with this one to try. Worsted Top of the Lamb. And since I've only got 1lb of it. I've paired it with NatureSpun sport for the sleeves. I've got 2lbs of it.
(I'll have to adjust for the thinner sport weight.)


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Swatch in the Sun

I posted a question on the KAL site "Tweed too Tweedy.

As suggested. I'm posting a picture of my swatch taken in sunlight so more detail can be seen.

What do you think?

(click to enlarge) Note: large image, 15 seconds to download on 56k modem.



KIT-KAL Swatch A

I've been saving a cone of scrumptuous 100% Alpaca Burgundy-Old Gold tweed to knit something special. The scale confirms there's two pounds of it. Woohoo. Enough to make the sweater.
Do you think tweed is too busy?

Here is what the swatch looks like. (Taken without the flash to show shadows)

Here is what the yarn looks like. The red should still be a bit deeper red.

I got gauge using 2 strands, U.S.#7 needles, knit flat. But the stitches are too open. So I'll be doing up another swatch with three strands.


Monday, January 09, 2006


Kerry Blue Shawl - Nearing the End

The shawl is off the needles. Here it is on the last knit row. My 2 year old is holding it. It's taller than her.

Here it is. Finally off the needles. Before weaving in the ends and blocking. The edge is rolling in over the crochet edging.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The Search for the Right Yarn

I'm finishing up another project before starting on the KAL. But for the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about what yarn to use for the KAL.

I have lots of yarn but the usual excuses come up.
Not the right thickness. (This happens most of the time)
Not enough of one color. (Only have 9 skeins of a Burgundy DK)
Not the right color. (Majority of other colors are not in the red family)
It's tweed and I need solid. (I have a beautiful burgundy/gold alpaca cone, might be too busy with cables. Not sure if I have enough yarn too.)

I would love to get some Blackwater Abbey yarn. The swatch samples posted by another knitter looks so pretty.

But what is the point of a yarn stash if all the excuses prevent me from using them? So I'm determined to stash dive. I agree that the cable detail would show better with a medium shade of color. So black and inky blue is out.

I have a 2-3 pound cone of navy superwash that I'm going to try. It's a thin sock yarn so I'll have to knit with at least five strands held together. This is the first time I'm knitting more than two strands. So I'll see if it drives me crazy or not.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Substitution Calculations & Such

Updated 01-04-06

Cara's knitalong site is open for sign-up

FAQ's touch on the pattern specifications.
Margaret R. D. in the Hebride group helped translate some of the pattern specifications. And confirmed what all the different numbers at the top of the pattern refer to. Thank Margaret.

So here is my summary and my substitution yardage calculations.

Yarn: HAMANAKA Men’s Club Master. Yarn color: Wine (#9)
(Yarn card here
Content: Superwash Wool 60% acrylic 40%, 50g skein, approximately 85m
Needle sizes recommended:
(Japanese needle size 7-8 or 4.2mm-4.5mm)
nearest U.S. needle size 6 – 7 or 4.25mm - 4.5mm
Yardage: Jacket 865g (865g divided by 50g skeins) = 17.3 skeins
Hat 120g (120g divided by 50g skeins) = 2.4 skeins
Jacket plus hat requires 19.7 skeins

(Note: 1 meter = 1.0936132983 yards)
Kanzawa site lists yarn at … 85meters per skein.
edit: This is NOT correct. As Marina of pointed out to me. The color card notes 75meters. Thanks Marina.
(I've removed the calculations of 85 meters. The following is the correct yardage reference)

At 75 meters per skein...
19.7 multiplied by 75 = 1477.5 meters = 1615.81 yards for Jacket and Hat
17.3 multiplied by 75 = 1297.5 meters = 1418.96 yards for Jacket only

(Add a skein or two to ensure you have enough yarn for your project)

7 buttons of size 2cm x 1.5 cm (the ones on the pattern picture are shaped like an oak leaf)

Size: Pattern only provides one size.
Jacket: Finished chest circumference = 99.5cm (38.8 inch)Finished jacket length = 57cm (22.2 inch)Finished sleeve length = 76.5cm (29.8 inch)Hat: Finished hat circumference = 54cm (21.1 inch)Finished hat depth = 20.5cm (8 inch)

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