Friday, January 13, 2006


CIT Swatch Yarns B1 & B2

I set aside my first swatch for a couple of days and revisited it today. Doing that and checking the feedback. (Most advised to choose another yarn that's less busy and with less halo). I'm facing the fact and shall find a more suitable project for that beautiful yarn.

I've stash dived and came up with this one to try. Worsted Top of the Lamb. And since I've only got 1lb of it. I've paired it with NatureSpun sport for the sleeves. I've got 2lbs of it.
(I'll have to adjust for the thinner sport weight.)


Slight problem with the Nature spun sport. At the very least you'll have to use it doubled to get anything resembling the Top of the Lamb gauge.

The look of of a Single (Top of the Lamb) with a plied yarn which is doubled (Nature spun) might be something you want to experiment with later. It will affect stitch definition. and the look of the sweater.

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