Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Coloring Fibers

Thought it would be a fun project with the kids to colorize some yarn.

It was very easy. I used this instruction.

I wanted to create matching balls of sock yarn. So I wound two strands into each skein.

This is what I did.

--Wash the yarn with some dishwashing soap to remove any oils.
--Rinsed, left wet, and put into a shoe box.
--Mixed up colors (green, blue, orange). With Easter egg dye tablets, I used half tablets and later added the other half. I should get 6 shades of color plus any color blends.
--Spooned dots of color on both sides of the yarn. Then stripes of blue.
That's when I realized I forgot to add vinegar. So I added vinegar to the dyes and worked it into the yarn.
(I still forgot the salt)
--I had some dye left over. So I diluted the green with a cup of water and worked it into the yarn.
--I dyed a new skein of yarn with the leftover colors. Half orange, half blue.
--Cooked the yarns in the microwave at 2 minute intervals. (Twice)
--Wrung out the water and put it on a rack to dry.

My son loves the 3-color yarn. He say it looks like the sea with the dark colors as seaweed and the orange as fish. It is named...

~~~ Ocean ~~~

The 2-color yarn should be mini stripes for a pair of toddler socks.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Surprise Pic

What happened?! The front neckline and bottom are shorter than the back. Eeek.





I'm loving how the Mosaic is turning out on the socks and thought I'd share it.

(((Yarn Specs:Kroy Navy Heather. Mosaic: Kroy 4-ply Ecru White + Regia Striping Banner color. All yarns are 4-ply, Needles US#1 (US#3 on Mosaic area), worked on 64 st.)))



Surprise pic2

Here a sweater that fits my little one. Placed on top as a comparison. The chest area is 1" wider. The sleeve tapers to half of the Surprise sweater sleeve. Not too bad.

Maybe I should finish it and see how it fits. Just don't know if I should keep the shortness in front. It does look designer-ish!



Monday, November 28, 2005


Progress Notes

6SocksKAL - The deadline for the Mosaic sock is the end of this month. I'm still on the cuff of the both socks. So I don't know if I'll finish them on time to enter the monthly raffle.

The self striping yarn from my secret pal are revealing themselves beautifully. The Mosaic is surprizingly easy. Since it's a pattern with more that one color. I can't knit with my eyes closed and just count. So finding time to not multi-task and knit is a bit of a challenge.

Kerry Blue Lace Shawl - I have been knitting steadily on the shell pattern of this shawl. Since there are several knit rows interspersed between the shell stitches. I can knit this one with my eyes closed while on car rides. Or while reading bedtime stories to the kiddies each night.


Thursday, November 17, 2005


Surprise Sweater - Boo Boo

I started on the Surprise Sweater using the worksheet at the end of this pattern Surprise Jacket. It's a machine knit pattern that I used for hand knitting.
I had to redo the mitered part a couple of times until I got the hang of it. I have to do a kind of short row wrap to avoid holes. Otherwise it has two rows of lace at the center of the miter. Now it's 1/2 complete. (Except for the ribbing for the bottom and sleeve cuffs)

It looks like the correct chest size but the sleeves look wrong (quite wide in my opinion).

So it's this project is on hold for now until I get the chance to check my measurements and calculations.

Certainly a cool and unique pattern.



Thursday, November 10, 2005


Secret Pal Strikes Again!

I came home to a wonderful surprise over the weekend. I had another visit from my secret pal. This is what greeted me when I opened the package.

A box full of new yarns to play with! Ooooo, ahhhhh. And a multi-directional scarf pattern that would be great with all the yarns. Ooooo, ahhhhh again. And how thoughtful to include for my little one; stickers, patterns and cute yellow buttons.

Now if only she would reveal herself. Can't wait to get to know such a thoughtful and generous person.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Recycling Fiber - Swatch This

This is the unraveled yarn I mentioned.

Left: Non-felted yarn should look like in garter stitch.
Right: Semi-felted yarn unraveled and worked into a test swatch.

I definately like the garter stitch better. The stockinette looks too uneven.

I've started on an Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise sweater. About 30 rows into it so far.


Friday, November 04, 2005


Sampler Pack Arrives

My scrap swap partner finally got her package. This is what I sent. Along with two small yarn bras. Perfect to use with sock knitting.

Notice the green yarn. The same one I'm using for Amble. Soft alpaca wool blend. It's a yummy 'Pistachio' color. I had fun pulling this together.

(Clockwise beginning from top left)
Kroy 4-ply superwash wool/nylon
Regia? superwash wool/nylon
Sockotta cotton/wool/nylon
Marks & Kattens 'Clown' swatch - cotton/wool/nylon
Peruvian alpaca/woolPeruvian 100% wool

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