Sunday, July 15, 2007


Time at the Guild

I've been away from my site for so long.

Around January of 2006 I pitched in as an editor of the Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild (CMKG). That and along with life's busy schedule has kept me away.

Knitwise I have always kept a project on hand while traveling. With lots of UFOs still waiting for completion.

And I managed to knit a bit on my knitting machines. I usually don't get much opportunity to sit still to machine knit. And last year I knit something for submission to the CMKG yearly contest. My incentive was to knit something to qualify for a complimentary copy of the book. (No, since I'm not part of the contest staff, I'm not qualified to automatically get a copy).

What a lovely surprise last year when I placed First Place in the Beginner category.

This year I didn't have time for a timely entry. But I still put something in the contest book.

When I hunt down my knit pics over the last year. I'll post them.

Happy knitting,

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