Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Another sample of the Aran

Wow. This japanese knitter has the back finished and is working on the sleeves. And she's not even part of the knit along. Wish I could ask her opinion on her knitting progress. But I did not get a reply when I e-mailed her.

Lovely. Just lovely.



Check it out--I think she (or he) finished it. http://amimono.g.hatena.ne.jp/ishi-knit/20051222

Look at some of the other pictures in the gallery--this knitter does absolutely beautiful work!
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Ishi has finished her Am Kamin the other day. If you would like to check out her finished work, here is the link:


If you have any questions regarding this pattern, maybe you can leave a comment on her blog...

I wish I could help you as I can read Japanese... but I don't have this pattern book... Good luck & enjoy knitting!!
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